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  •       Tube Cutter
  •       700106
  •                   Zinc Alloy
  •       Copper Pipe cutting
  •              135.00  gm
  •          147.00  gm

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For cutting 1/8" (4mm) to 3/4" (19mm) O.D. pipe

Unique ball bearing design

Swinging radius of 4cm


Developed on fully automatic machines

Most advanced technology tube cutter developed by Galaxy

Blade rotates on ball bearing

Size next to Junior Tube Cutter, but tool size smaller.

Stylish blister packing


  • 120.00 mm
  • 90.00 mm
  • 135.00 g.
  • Zinc Alloy

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GTC-19 Tube Cutter

    Do not put extra pressure on pipe while cutting, it may put dent on pipe.

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