Rs. 118.75 Rs. 100.94 + 18% GST Transportation Charges Applicable

  •       Tube Cutter
  •       700101
  •                   Zinc Alloy
  •       Copper Pipe cutting
  •              133.50  gm
  •          144.50  gm

Your Product Will Be Delivered Within 2 - 5 Days.


For 1/8" (4mm) to 5/8" (16mm) pipe cutting

For cutting Copper, Aluminium and Iron pipes.


All parts made on fully automatic machines

Minimum life of 5 years when used according to Galaxy's Guidelines

Extremely Reasonable Prices

Challenge that this is the best quality available all over the world


  • 90.00 mm
  • 48.00 mm
  • 133.50 g.
  • Zinc Alloy

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